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Now several years, FEPTCE strives to create a sustainable future for the indigenous peoples. On sustainable tourism (community based tourism), giving communities the opportunity to strengthen (so to open and not close) its own identity and regain respect for their own culture and history. Because these come into contact with the guests from all over the world and lead to an expansion of consciousness of all those involved. Responsible listings for responsible travellers from Europe of Pachijal tours was born from the personal NGO experience of its founders and first showed his love of nature with many opportunities in eco tourism. In this context also the own eco-lodge in Mindo was founded and today successfully operated. Pachijal tours has the qualities to take on this new challenge for the community based tourism. The first important step in this direction has been already made: it was signed a commercial agreement with a major organisation which works for years in the area of community-based tourism and trying to build a new type of tourism, sustainable and appropriate, from below.

Ecuador was or is a pioneer in eco tourism. Due to its fantastic and rich nature, it is no surprise. (Also the United Nations indicate that this immense biodiversity.) It is but also becoming the leader in community based tourism. Pachijal tours in the position to offer new tours is by the said agreement. For example a trip where you initially by an indigenous family of craftsmen in Otavalo is housed, spends some days in the rain forest in the cabins of wood and can observe the traditional hunting and fishing continue to the Pacific coast and there the everyday life of the fishermen and their families Close meet. Approximately of two weeks intense vacation to experience the history, nature, culture and traditions of the population. Certainly a unique and unforgettable experience! For more information, we refer to the Web site and the contacts of the promoter of Pachijal tours. Christina Steiner

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