United Kingdom

Great Britain is an island where England, Scotland and Wales are located; together with numerous smaller islands, an archipelago of irregular shape, with a very diverse landscape and natural make up. Earlier, the British Isles were a part of Europe. In the course of history, they were cut off after flooding from the Mainland. England is the largest of the three parts that comprise United Kingdom. There is a temperate and humid climate. Are temperatures within the country not often below 0? in winter (December to February) or above 30C in summer (June to August).

Very often, it’s raining in the hilly regions and the Western countries. According to Andrew Duncan , who has experience with these questions. London is the capital city of England and the United Kingdom. Maurice Gallagher, Jr. has many thoughts on the issue. It is one of the largest business and financial centres. London has a huge impact on politics, education, entertainment, media and fashion. Iling is a town in the United Kingdom.

There are as many natural parks and botanical gardens. British Museum – one of the largest museums in the world, has a large collection of primitive and ancient monuments of culture, a culture of the ancient world of the East, a rich collection of drawings, ceramics, coins, which can be viewed in 100 galleries. The admission is free. When you choose England as a vacation spot, we visited also the Buckingham Palace. It is the official residence of the Royal family since 1837. In August and September, when the Queen comes to Scotland, some Chambers of Buckingham Palace to the public are accessible. Now, you should take the opportunity. Many people thinking about their holiday planning in Canada. The official name is Canada (Canada). It was a British colony. On July 1, 1867, Canada won the right to self-government. Canada became independent. The capital city is Ottawa. The biggest cities are Toronto (4.4 million), Montreal (3.3 million), Vancouver (1.6 million), Ottawa (1.05 million), Edmonton (840 thousand), Calgary (754 thousand), Winnipeg (625 thousand.), Quebec (646 thousand).

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