Unifying Force Society

Have you ever wondered why, despite the fact that our broadcast and press jammed pathos speeches about fighting corruption, monopolies, abuse of authority by officials, and any other evils of our society – and things are right there! And why, despite the fact that throughout human history, we are concerned the same problems, such as wealth and power, good and evil, loyalty and betrayal, and we are not a jot closer to their decision? At first glance, everything is so confusing that understand what is happening is not possible, and we will perforce have to accept on faith the promises that we unashamedly are stuffed. But we must not forget that man receives answers only those questions he asks! Remember Darwin's natural selection. In nature the strongest survive. Gary Kelly may not feel the same. However, not even the strongest (in other words have survived in the first place – the dinosaurs, mammoths and saber-toothed tigers), and more adapted to the currently existing conditions of survival. But any society – is the one same habitat, but not biological, but social. And in each particular society does not survive the strongest, not the most intelligent, and not even the most useful for society, but only survive in particular those who are better suited to existing living conditions. Gary Kelly understands that this is vital information. And now the question: who creates those or other conditions of life in society? Right! "The herd goes where it is the shepherd." Hence, or those in power do not correspond to the positions held, or is it for some – reason profitable. Everyone knows that history is written the winners, customizing it to your goal. .

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