Cable and wire for overhead lines. Self-supporting cable. Strip naked and bare wires in the air is used for a long time, and there will be a very long time. Since it is not always possible to implement laying in the ground or underground utilities, a new cable – cip and sapta. What are these wires are? Until recently, all have used bare wires grades A and au, which represent the usual cable twist lived aluminum wire cross-sections from 16 to 400 mm2, without exclusion. This so-called bare wires that are run by air way, stretching between the supporting pillars to mount on special insulators.

The main disadvantages of laying bare wires: the possibility of short circuit, under bad weather conditions is a high probability of electrical injury, the possibility of unauthorized connection. New wiring for the air strips are self-supporting insulated wires with thermoplastic insulation sit. These wires are used for the implementation of the slopes, and for the arterial lining. The most effective self-supporting cables are used for installation on the facade of buildings in urban environments, as well as for the construction of the parks, in residential areas, etc. Uninsulated wires and as are fewer applications of our life due to their replacement by self-supporting wire cip or sapta. The main advantages of wire cip are: lack of short-circuits the ability to connect subscribers with no power outages, low ; no possibility of unauthorized access, the ability to strip around the perimeter of buildings.

In Ukraine, the national standard dstu 4743:2007 produced many different brands of self-supporting wires, but most common are: STS-4t – self-supporting, with aluminum wire (phase) current-carrying conductors, insulated from light plastic polyethylene, no separate bearing veins, SIP-4 – the same as the STS-4m, but insulated from light-lived cross-linked polyethylene; SIPn-4 – the same as the STS-4, but the isolation of living is not flame retardant. These marks are the wires may have the following sections: 2×10, 2×16, 2×25, 4×10, 4H16, 4H25, 4H35, 4H50, 4H70, 4H95, 4H120. If to analyze the sales of self-supporting insulated wires of our plant in 2009, 2010. then we can conclude that the highest demand as a conductor insulated with conventional polyethylene (CIP-4T) and insulated crosslinked flame retardant polyethylene (SIPn-4). We think that this trend will continue in the future.

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