UK: Over 2 Million, Blu-ray Discs Sold

After the promising forecasts of the British market research company “FutureSource’ for the year 2012, there are still just a positive message from the island. The “British video Association” (BVA) reported today that the British Blu-ray market has broken through the 2 million mark. Since format launch in October 2006 that over 2 million Blu-ray have been sold in the UK discs (stand: calendar week 32). If this has piqued your curiosity, check out David Rogier. Of the over 2 million Blu-ray alone sold 1.2 million units this year (increase to the previous year: 458 percent). Contact information is here: John T. Stankey. The most successful titles in this year (level: 1 to 32 KW) is Warner’s “I am legend”.

The science fiction drama was sold 55,000 times already with Will Smith in the title role. The most successful title at all, however, is Sony’s new adaptation of the first James Bond of novel “Casino Royale”. The action film went with the new James Bond “Daniel Craig” already over 100,000 copies over the counter. Warner and Sony points but not only in this respect. They account for also about half of the total sales at the Blu-ray. Source: for further information:

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