UFMT Ricardo Guillermo Dicke

Ederson Fernandes de Souza Mestrando in Literary Studies – UFMT Ricardo Guillermo Dicke is an author of vast literary production and national recognition, but still little read in territory weeds-grossense. Its literary passage had beginning when writing God of Caim (1968), which received the Walpmap prize (1968), having as juries Joo Pink Guimares, Jorge Amado and Antonio Olinto whom it the same affirms in the book preface: There of the bands of the Mato Grosso this romancista stranger, this narrator without tethers arrives us now, perhaps on to the feeling of the nonsense that shakes the structure of the fiction of today. I would be inclined to see, in Ricardo Guillermo Dicke, a marcusiano executor in literature substance, mainly when appearing, as he appears, in a discerning gust of apparent incoherence, in the Brazilian letters. (God of Caim, 1968 P. 9). The use of the following phrase: ' ' There of the bands of the Mato Grosso ' ' it sends in them, of beforehand, in which context was inserted Dicke, therefore at this time, or until the present, Mato Grosso he was seen as, or still it is, a distant isolated place of the civilization and unprovided of any artistic, cultural and economic quality, exactly today possessing one fluente agronegcio market, that unhappyly is lucrative for a small parcel of the population of the state of Mato Grosso.

Not affirming that Antonio Olinto if has related to our state with disdain, but yes, meaning resqucios of as this region she was seen for the people of littoral areas e, in certain way, still is observed in this way. We can, then, imagine the difficulty of if working with art at this time, therefore exactly in the present time cultural artists, literatos and producers they complain of the little investment, most of the time none. Of this form, where it is the commitment of Ricardo Guillermo Dicke? Where it consists its social enrollment, that stops some does not exist, therefore it is considered engaged that one that raises a flag in defense of this or that and goes for the confrontation if, necessary, for fight armed.

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