But to work you must have a personal certificate in system WebMoney, which is a pseudo Employers kindly offered to open a small fee. Tim Clark addresses the importance of the matter here. WebMoney but also requires money for the issuance of a personal passport tell you, that ye may be right. Only now, unlike anything scammers WM will not give you, as you already knew and just disappear after you with good intentions translate them at the expense of their blood. Credit: Sheryl Sandberg-2011. 3) Requires Typewriting. Here you are typing with the scanned material. At first glance it seems innocuous and true, some scammers even send employment contracts (!) BUT! Either way, you will be required to pay for shipping the disc with the materials that you will gain. And this is the rub. In recent months, David Rogier has been very successful.

Judge for yourself, why send a complete stranger copyrighted material that it can easily be used for personal purposes, and even pay for the collection of these materials despite the fact that the compositor is in another part of the world, if almost every city of the CIS has a dozen companies involved in collection and printing of the text. This is just another attempt to steal our hard-earned money, and nothing to do with working remotely, such proposals have not. Very, very many beginners fall for freelancers this trick, be careful! 4) And for a snack is another kind of fraud. In search of remote work, sometimes have to search through a bunch of different sites, and once you stumble on "Agency working remotely." There you solemnly promise, that will teach you to do this business, you become a real pro and will earn at least $ 1000 a month just to get started you will need to order a CD with teaching materials (!) and absolutely nothing more to pay will not have to, you will begin to work immediately after receiving the disk, etc. etc.

LIE! It's simple layout, my Dear Readers no disco at the remote work or something like that you will not be sent, after payment of a person who communicates with you, hidden in an unknown direction, and all attempts to understand would be futile. Today, I told you all about several types of fraud. As you can understand them a lot more, and to describe all vryatli possible. The main thing that you should remember when looking for remote work: "This employer will never ask you to pay anything at all it was, I repeat, NEVER! "Maximum you may be asked to perform tests, it is a very common practice and should not be afraid of it, but if you receive a letter with a request to pay something to get started, you should consider! Hopefully, with this his short article you can protect yourself from scammers and save your money and precious nerves. Good luck in your quest! and remember, he who seeks will always find;)

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