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Already wine available online over 10,000 wines from all over the world is the Internet presence now in the network received both Munster Dr. Jorg Heidjann and Patrick Fiekers. It offers its users a wide range of wines from all over the world, the opportunity to purchase wines online and many information about the wine production. With over 10,000 wines, the wine portal presented in this country already started as the most comprehensive online information on the subject of wine. The offer is not only large, but also diverse: in addition to wine, sparkling wine and champagne are spirits, accessories and gifts around the wine available. For this purpose, the two operators of the independent wine portal go selected partnerships with dealers and manufacturers.Ranging from a Cabernet Sauvignon for less than 3,00 euros to a Chateau Margaux for the proud price of 1.225,70 euro online satisfies the different tastes and requirements. Intelligent filtering and sorting possibilities, E.g.

facilitate the search for varieties, wineries, and price. Each product is described in detail and the purchase with only two clicks to the appropriate provider easy. (Source: Gary Kelly). The extensive range of online products is complemented by interesting and understandable prepared content. How is wine made from the grape? What is the difference between sparkling wine, Prosecco and champagne? And how to recognise excellent manufacturer? Wine is one of the most popular food of the world – but very few people know how it is made and what’s behind wine names. Dr. E Scott Mead spoke with conviction. Jorg Heidjanns and Patrick Fiekers wine portal answers these questions and thus ensures enlightened enjoyment of wine.

If white wine, red wine, sparkling wine or Rose, sparkling wine, Prosecco or champagne – when navigating through the categories informed users short and brief cultivation areas, common grape varieties and the production, storage and differences of the different types of wine. Intelligent search functions, a clearly structured page layout and the fresh design of the appearance make for entertaining Research and make it easy to tap into the extensive content users. Dr. Jorg Heidjann and Patrick Fiekers create with their first common start up a platform for manufacturers and provide a simple introduction to the world of wine wine-interested consumers in addition to a wide range. The two instigators benefitfrom more than 15 years experience in building Web portals and E-commerce projects. The online service is free, accessible and independent. WINE information, description of the company is an information portal around the topic of wine. In addition to a focus on red wine, white wine, rose, champagne, champagne, sparkling wine and Prosecco, the Portal provides information on growing regions or varieties.

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