TV Mouse USB Mobile

new portable visually AIDS USB interface that weighs TV mouse mobile USB handheld camera hardly 200 grams, fits in your laptop bag, is very strong, as no mechanical parts available and cost 279,-including software and drivers. The software runs under Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. The name of the TV-mouse stems from the shape of the product. It is strongly reminiscent of a traditional computer mouse, merely that she fitted with a powerful C-MOS camera. The high resolution enables a high-quality digital zoom so TV mouse is USB mobile can be used also for severely visually impaired people. The operation is very simple. Since the enlarged area directly under the Palm of the hand is the hand-eye coordination, even for inexperienced users is very easy and intuitive.

TV mouse mobile USB handheld camera requires no external power supply. It supported mode a real colour mode, black and white, and black. The B & M engineering company developed over 20 years tools for visually impaired and blind people. The products range from screen readers reading systems and Braille displays both for the private, academic or professional area.

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