Tuba Courses

It is not necessary to count on special athletic or intrepid qualities to practice it. Luckyly already the military connotations are lost that their education and practice had in their origins, being nowadays a comfortable and safe activity. Only some physical dysfunctions (cardiac, respiratory, auditory problems) could prevent us to enjoy his practice; but people with physical disabilities even can do it through special courses, existing even adapted boats of diving to these special needs. We see that she is open to all the people from children to majors. The children (and also the majors) can begin to become familiar with the diving through typical tube or in its international terminology snorkel. The limit to be able to accede to a diving course is placed around the 14 years, and its practice superficially does not have limit. Thus he is not strange to see, mainly outside our borders, to several generations of a family, from the grandsons to the grandparents.

Once we have decided to dive, the existing possibilities are numerous. A baptism can be a good way to try; but in truth we like, most recommendable is to attend a course, more than to follow the advice well-meaning of a friend. In the tropical areas of the world, in all the Spanish coasts and the zones of the interior diving courses are distributed. Each presents/displays advantages disadvantages and the election depends on the personal circumstances. The courses vary slightly according to the organizations distribute who them, and even the country; but basically they follow a same scheme. First it is to familiarize to the individual with the aquatic means, freest possible of ties so that one feels comfortable in means that, we do not forget, is not ours. Practices with the glasses, the tuba and the fins, the denominated light pack of diving are realised. It is important a correct movement of fins to avoid cramps, as well as a rhythmic breathing by the tuba blocking totally the nose.

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