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Currently Mexico is going through an aviation crisis due to problems in the past, the airlines that have managed to survive this crisis have had to take action on the matter in order to be in the market and offer a good service. There are airlines that have become the classic being the life, have always been there and have always been the same. Now were born a new class of, the low cost airlines, that have come to revolutionize the aviation market. Low cost airlines are several but are not the same and are not the same. Prices of the tickets of these airlines are less obviously-, one can find the great difference traveling in a low-cost airline and one of the classic, which by the pure name charge you more. Returning to the topic that are not the same and are not the same, the difference lies in the service. A few airlines that have low costs fly airplanes very old, making that flight isn’t anything safe.

At the time of travel, you must contact an airline with good aircraft, which has a new fleet and to ensure you that you’ll be completely safe on your flight. Know a lot lately, because the voice of your good service and low prices has run have been airline with good aircraft. Flies and with them and realize.

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