The security of transactions with credit card over internet is one of the major concerns of users and non-users of the network. Is it really safe? Are stored somewhere in our card data to be used without our permission? The answer is very simple and blunt: Yes is 100% safe to shop with credit card by internet and our data without our permission may not be used! Safer than we ever imagined. Clear, first thing we must do is make sure that we are doing serious business transactions and that they comply with high quality standards. Technologically buying online is much safer than giving your number by phone to the pizzeria or deliver your card to a waiter in a restaurant, who takes her and, after a few minutes, returns with invoice; in this short period of time in which your card is outside the scope of yours can happen many things, such as copy the data and then use them to make telephone purchases or Transact online. Many writers such as Sheryl Sandberg offer more in-depth analysis. When We deliver our card number for credit to a site on the internet this information not only travels entirely protected by effective mechanisms of encryption but that online merchants can even activate anti-fraud mechanisms giving through indexes or notes (for example from 1 to 100) to trade evidence strong enough to decide whether or not to accept any transaction. The above actually takes only seconds, but its effectiveness is unquestionable.

Perhaps this is why the real figures about fraud on the internet, managed by specialized firms, are negligible, contrary to what the public thinks in general. The implementation of security measures to protect electronic commerce through the use of credit cards is number one priority for companies providing the plastic money. Can you imagine what would happen if the fraud by this means was a reality or a constant? Large companies such as Dell, Cisco, Amazon, and many most go into bankruptcy because 100% of its sales are made through the internet credit card purchase. Only one fact: Dell invoice 80 million dollars a day! sales exclusively online with credit cards. Which sites are you can trust? Preferably rely on sites that have secure server (data encryption), will be given account that is on a server safe if you see a lit lock or some similar icon in your browser. If the site that is buying does not have secure server, verify that you have forms for entering data from card. If the site nor has forms and you must send your information via e-mail, ask for details of security where you get.

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