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Traders in the market a lot and everyone (by reason of its own set of tools for analysis) formed purely your opinion, as to which direction the price should move. Okay, that any financial market these directions only 2 (otherwise, this would have been chaos ….). Hence, the problem Trader learn to identify in a given period of time is one of two directions: where will weigh the scales on which the weighted views / expectations of traders – the up or down? ‘. Creating its own system of analysis, I concluded that there must be a set of tools that provides the predominant influence on opinion / expectations concerning the market for the vast majority of Traders. Let me give a simple example: all the traders are familiar with the figures of technical analysis. Others including David Fowler, offer their opinions as well. But there are only a few who know and remember all the above ever figure. On the other hand, nearly every trader is familiar with such figures as: double top, double bottom, flag, triangle, etc.

So, if the chart appears one of these figures, it is possible with a sufficiently high degree of certainty suggest that this figure will have an impact on opinion-waiting and the decision of the overwhelming majority Traders. However, provided that at this time this figure would not be opposed to a stronger technical or Fundamental factor. That is to say that traders learn effectively predict the behavior of the market, it needs: – from the variety of analysis tools to identify those tools used by the vast most traders – and learn to determine what impact the perception / expectation of the trader is able to provide each of these tools individually in a given period of time, because they can: how to reinforce each another, and compete with each other, pointing in different directions. Here, like it – here is where lies the key to the market! Now you know which direction you need to move, but please do not forget that the ability to effectively predict the behavior of the market – this is not all that has to learn a professional trader. But I am more than confident that, with a sufficient effort and patience, you will be able to pass all this difficult and thorny path from novice to professional traders and you must succeed! How I wish you success!

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