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It is only made necessary to identify the end points that they limit both coasts and to determine in any map his geogtrficos elements. In the Cuban schools to these spaces that limit both types of coasts are known them like sections. There are nine of these sections, four to north and five to the south. A map that can well be used already for these aims has been recommended for these aims. We talked about Gua de Carreteras (Road Guide), a special publication of the Tourist Directory of Cuba very updated. The end points that we must locate, beginning by the North coast and in the direction of the east, they are the following: A first section that extends from the Cabo of San Antonio to the End of the Governor, near the town of Honda Bay, in the homonymous bay. It presents/displays an extensive insular platform and the sea has little depth. Dense forests of mangles border the coast and a reef barrier borders the coast in the same edge from where the platform descends abruptly towards the oceanic depths.

The keys are frequent throughout this section, some of which have excellent beaches and other own beauties of these places. The located populations small and are dedicated essentially to the fishing. The second section is located between the End of the Governor and the Cabo Hicacos, in the peninsula of the same name. The coast is high and rocky, without presenting/displaying keys nor mangles. The sea has major depth that the previous branch because the insular platform is very narrow. The ample bays are common in their interior, but a very narrow channel in their exit. The Bay of Havana is a typical example of these bays. Also excellent beaches abound with sands without they have muddy sections. Two zones of these types of beaches are in this section, those that are counted between the best ones of Cuba: one is located to the west and the east of the Bay of Havana, whereas the other is located to the east of the Bay of Slaughters, well-known like Beach Dock, one of the best ones of Cuba.

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