Torsten Reith

Sudden cardiac death is addressed in detail in new portal Schwandorf. Year after year completely extinct Frankfurt am Main. Statistically speaking. 700.000 inhabitants: So much is about the city. And just as many people fall victim to sudden cardiac death annually throughout Europe: mostly blue, this man’s heart stops red alert! Now begins the race with time: a defibrillator can be no more than 3 minutes wood transported, a device that can defeat the ventricular fibrillation by biphasiche pulses, and give a new life to the victim? The most effective, what helps in cardiac arrest: equal power! Every moment counts, any mistake would be fatal. “If the human brain is kept longer than 3 minutes without oxygen, insert no longer be irreversible, massive brain damage,” warns Torsten Reith, of the Spicker KDie medical technology.

After 10 minutes, the person concerned is utterly brain-stem dead. Torsten Reith speaks of rank. The World-Wise medical product advisors hopes that as many public and commercial facilities, shop operators, but also employers and individuals buy a defibrillator. Finally, everyone and with such a self-explanatory AED (the abbreviation for an automatic external, i.e. not in the body of implanted defibrillator) reliable life-saving at impending death can afford. A really herzensgutes info portal since it appears only consistently Torsten Reith has even specially raised a new information portal to topic literally survival of the baptism and named it quite practical: life-saving at according to convinced his initiator into the bookmarks of every German-speaking Web browser: because all life-saving measures, such as about the cardiac massage or defibrillation, which reliably and flawlessly can apply even laymen with the correct Defi find clearly arranged,.

This Portal shows clearly, what to do is, if you can break down a person with symptoms of sudden cardiac arrhythmia, myocardial infarction, ventricular fibrillation and other life-threatening sign see. And that can unfortunately happen God everywhere: in the pedestrian zone, in the middle of the forest, in the workplace, in the supermarket, in a motorway traffic jam… Because, so Torsten Reith, sudden cardiac death threatened without exception each one of us, me, all of us.

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