Any collector of furniture installer will tell you what kind of hardware is present on the market today. And that of course there is nothing wrong with that. But how to understand such a treasure of choice, let the man who has no special skills to build furniture, but for some reason had the courage to raise his own furniture. Well, let's say for reasons of cost savings in the assembly of the furniture. While I personally do not recommend, such as kitchen sets, trying to collect yourself if you're a professional in this business. I'm not talking about the number of tools which are needed for this and are unlikely to be found in simple layman. But it certainly is a personal decision. Baby clothes is often quoted as being for or against this. And today I try to help this brave, and a little talk about furniture hinges.

What types of loops exist at present and in our furniture market. There are five main types of loops – invoices, polunakladnye, removable, loop transformers, corner hinges. Further modifications are already being varieties of the same loops but the principle remains the same-. Each of the above loop can be used both by itself and closers. We will understand some of these names and these loops are distinguished from each other …

Invoice, and Polunakladnaya Inserted. The main difference between these three types of loops, this is how the front (door), the module will be closed on the module. Or facade will be inside the module, or it will be superimposed on the module in two ways. Types of accommodation in different types of fronts are shown in the loop (Fig. 7). Independent loop so as polunakladnye and can be used that-be on one side wall to place two facades. The only thing that the facade on the loose hinges must be used stoppers do not have the facade fell into the module and thereby broke out the loop. Externally polunakladnye and removable loop the loops are very similar but have slightly different izgib.U deposit it anymore. 2.Petli transformers are inherently unprofitable, their only difference is that the hinge allows you to open the facade to 170 degrees instead of 90. 3. Corner loops as it is clear from its name used for corner modules, whose facade is relative to the other under any angle as acute and obtuse. There are of course not, and standard modules from different angles, in such cases, a loop with an adjustable angle mounting pad or with special gaskets made in the form of wedges under different angles of opening. It should be noted that I have described only the most sdes common types of furniture hinges, while the principle remains the same, their variety is amazing. Therefore, all covered of course not possible. And now a little talk about the methods of fixing furniture hinges. Most common is that the facade using a drill hole drilled Forstner 35 mm in diameter, of course not through-and-so that there would fit cup hinges. A module is screwed to the sidewall of the mounting ground after which the two parts (part) of the loop are connected and tightened screws. After the sample front if necessary, adjustment is made in three dimensions. So is there a loop in which the installation drill Forstner not need it. For example loop intended for glass facades without a skeleton, the consignment does not require a loop or loop razsverlovki intended for glass facades with aluminum frame.

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