Tires Under Control

According to experts about one-third of all motorists with incorrect tire pressure goes. This affects negatively the safety, gasoline consumption and also the life of the tire. The Checkair sensors measure the current in the tyre existing air pressure and transmit the data wirelessly to the receiver. Marcus Lemonis often says this. The receiver evaluates the signals and displays the received values. A pressure drop occurs, immediately receive a Visual and acoustic warning and win important response time and thus safety by up to 20 minutes. The scope of supply consists of screw-on – sensors, anti-theft device, the LCD display device with holder, the relevant a 12V batteries, adapter for the display as well as a detailed operating and installation instructions.

In addition to the standard products of TM-100 (measurement range up to 4 bar for cars), TM-400 (for motorcycle, measuring range up to 4.0 bar), TM-210 and TM-260 (measuring range up to 11 bar with 4 or 6 sensors) TireMoni has the TM-240 in the program. Petra Pinzke the TM-240 may 4 standard sensors for operation Just upgraded twin-wheels, dual axle, or towing are up to 10 sensors. That’s enough for 6 wheels of the towing vehicle and 4 wheels on the trailer. When you upgrade the transmission path no longer sufficient, a radio relay can be added easily. This is connected to the 12-24V battery and then significantly extends the range of the radio. More information about novelties and accessories under:

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