Thorny Path

Thanks to these two factors as support for customers of myths about the star coaches and a large number of random people who appeared at a training market because of significantly increased the pre-crisis time needs for business training, serious training companies, it turned out, it is very difficult to create a permanent professional teams. Thorny Path director training company I set out to create dc team long ago, as soon as she realized that I do not want to engage in self-employment, and want to have a training company that will create new products that provide professional services, to work on standards with guaranteed quality. Problems that I encountered on this thorny path, now I'm ready to share with you. Imagine yourself in the position of the General Director of training company, which was lucky, and he found a good business coach. What are you waiting on? The answer is very simple: the star disease, which sooner or later fall ill your new employee. And then – star fever! In so doing, it will help those for whom you are found business coach – your customers are: – customers who, after the first successful start training him to work on the left – customers who offer to coach to work with them, training manager, presenting to this post much lower demand for higher salaries. We all understand that people who choose a public profession, tend to be the star of the disease. And yet the majority has a setting to work less but earn more. For that training company has been successful, and coaches who work in it, were in demand, they must work very much.

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