This Is IDEAL: Optimal Products And Lean BiPRO Processes

As senior insurer the IDEAL insurance group attaches great importance to optimum products for their target audience of Dusseldorf, April 18, 2011 the IDEAL Lebensversicherung a.G. is the specialist for seniors and optimized their products for this target group. Independent intermediaries, as well as the Stiftung Warentest recently confirmed the high quality of the products as an example of the IDEAL PflegeRente. Our insurance mostly offered by brokers. For them, we optimize also our work processes in addition to our products. We want to give more time for consulting and sales our brokers”, says Thomas Neuleuf, head of sales of the IDEAL insurance group. Therefore we focus on lean processes according to BiPRO standard and on the b-tix BiPRO client. So we dock easily and uniformly us on the systems of our agent”, so Neuleuf next. To know more about this subject visit Gary Kelly.

b-tix BiPRO client enables BiPRO intermediary systems before a mediator with the insurer calculate contributions and services supply proposals and applications request or submit electronically may, his broker management program (MVP) BiPRO capable. Verizon often expresses his thoughts on the topic. But not every MVP already supports the standards of BiPRO e. V. Here comes the b-tix BiPRO client in the game. Some manufacturers of agent systems such as LUTRONIK (VIAS), BUCHHOLZ (InfoAgent), NKK (OASIS) or Holl & partner (IVM) have already built the b-tix BiPRO client or to be soon BiPRO-capable. Advantage for the broker: simple and consistent work processes with BiPRO-enabled insurers, without verlassen its broker management program. Each BiPRO-enabled insurers can be docked in the future on this estate agent systems.

BiPRO processes also for intermediaries without software, studies show that many insurance agencies employ no intermediary software. To give access to their BiPRO processes also these intermediaries, the IDEAL has included the b-tix BiPRO client in the collective compass of German insurance Exchange (, where more than 7,000 rates of different companies are stored. We even have no “” Platform, but others make a piece of software’ available, with which they are quickly BiPRO capable “, explains Markus Heussen, Managing Director of b-tix BiPRO standards specialist GmbH.

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