Third Reich

Their buttons are on a keyboard, but by a few pushers, this keyboard is deadly, as the rockets in your hands, because they support the wars of Empire, by spreading lies and collect whole crowds of people behind the conquests. But there are also, which you have it in hand to do something bold and break through this familiar scheme to encourage peace and no more wars, because we all have had enough of the old lyre! I’m deeply frightened about the willingness of war and hatred, which cries out to me from the rows of your media and with which you swear the population more and more unjust, insane wars in countries which tell us immediately as the Lair of evil. I am scared about how much that is similar to the propaganda in the Third Reich, except that it is much more subtle and today a black President is held high, instead of a furious moustache and the smear campaign against other countries is much wiser, as Goebbels himself should have guessed from it. It is in your hands, to tell the truth the people about things, to bring the human side, to emphasize peace and reconciliatory aspects or to provide for even more deaths. I seriously hope that you think about it, because the blood of the people killed by the bombs of the West and the cries of victims who are tortured and murdered in the name of our “freedom and democracy”, shall be liable also on your hands, if you give the people a false image. There are many topics which are concealed, distorted and spun by you. So the 9/11 attacks, the Bilderberg conferences, the much more important another secret meeting and frets, the truth about Gaddafi and Libya, the outright advertising-style campaign to get Obama to power, the true background of wars, the traces of child abuse of Dutroux, the Saxony swamp in the higher policy, etc etc. .

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