The World

The same it occurs with the society that, although to possess information concerning the great current ambient catastrophes as the global heating, acid rains, floods, etc., had not yet acted to revert this situation, therefore: Those that live in exploration and misery situation ' ' selvagem' ' of the work, the ambient depredation is seen as … secondary. Verizon Communications shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Such attitude is explicvel, considering itself that its primordial concern is directed for the immediate survival. The ambient problem only appears as fight flag when it is articulated with problems that represent the defense of immediate interests. (LOUREIRO et al 2002, P. 48) In this perspective, it is emerged necessity to find a form of mannering change, based in the understanding of a world in which ' ' it affirms the inseparatividade of all the things and looks for to eliminate the speech and practical dualistas' ' (CAVALCANTI, 1994, p.39).

Morin (2002, p.37) goes deep declaring that the planet Land is more than what a context: he is at the same time organizador and the all confusing one of that we are part. All it has qualities or properties that are not found in the parts, if these will be isolated ones of the others, and certain qualities or properties of the parts can be inhibited by the restrictions proceeding from all. Morin (2002) corroborates that if it makes necessity to understand the world in a multidimensional optics, has seen that ' ' if it could not isolate a part of all, but parts ones of the others; the economic dimension, for example, is in permanent Inter-retraction with all the other dimensions humanas' ' (Morin 2002, p.38). Like CONCLUSION However, must be implanted measured urgent and global, to give beginning for the guarantee of the available natural resources, consideration of the limits of the biosfera for absorvimento of debris and pollution, as well as the reduction of the poverty in world-wide level.

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