The Worker

A valid theoretical framework, in my opinion, could be the new symbolic interactionism that combines ideas native with others coming from theories microphones such as the Exchange, the ethnomethodology and conversational analysis theory, Phenomenology, integration of theories as structural functionalism macro and macro such as Parsons, Simmel, Weber, Durkheim, Marx theories. The symbolic Interactionist are also struggling to integrate ideas of post modernism, poststructuralism, and radical feminism. The problem lies in the fact that the social collective still convincing everyone that the only way to access the social and personal identity consists in having access to a paid work in a stable job. The work becomes a form of prostitution, because somehow sell body, pen, intelligence, abilities, strength, all characters which cannot be separated from the same subject, person (Gorz 1998). The worker depends entirely on whom it employs and hires him, and gives everything of themselves to keep their source of work (his salary), not to lose the dignity of doing something socially recognized. There is a great truth in these words, which leads me to a question: who can stop this maelstrom? Far is it going to make more flexible the worker does not lose his identity as a participant in society? A little further away, even in the least intended activities each one can make use of a virtual space at flexible times that facilitate the access to them and that away us a little more about the other, where there is no physical presence. I believe that this would also be another long and interesting debate. Returning to that debate that occupies us, that for older workers – which couple perfectly in Weber theory – was normal, as it is a decent salary, job security, rights, has become for young people something exceptional. Them, for the first time accessing the labour market, not only see their situation as a natural, but it also warns them to deal with it in an individual way: only his effort and preparing will enable them the profiting in a flexible, changing and competitive world.

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