The Work

4. It is important to know what one occurs you well, your aptitudes, but it is it much more to decide which of those abilities you want to use in your day to day. You do not have to only do something because you of good, you can choose what you really want to do. 5. It is very important to know what it motivates to you because that will do mantenerte productive and animated to you. Tomato your time to think about what things do ponerte to you in march and sentirte full of energy. Perhaps what it motivates to you is to help the others, or that your profits are clear. Other examples are: to be considered an expert, to work by your account, to have a good relation with your companions or your head, etc.

It determines yours and it will be easier you to recognize what ambient of work adjusts better to your preferences. For example, if what motivates to you is to have a good relation with your fellow workers, a very competitive atmosphere probably is not a good election, by very good that it is the pay. , If what motivates to you is a life with luxuries, nevertheless then the pay would be an important determinant. 6. You do not stop learning. Nowadays it is very important to maintain your knowledge and abilities to the day.

If at this moment you are considering a position in particular it tries to speak with it carries out which it to request advice and knowledge to him how this person for the work prepared itself. Thus you will know what is what you must learn or improve and better will be prepared when the opportunity arrives. 7. Always present Ten your professional objective and thinks strategically on each work that you accept. It accepts only those that approach of some way your position or ideal profession. That includes works that although do not seem to have relation with your final mission, help to develop or to learn abilities you that later you can transfer. You do not accept a work because yes, without any apparent reason, unless you need financially it. These are some of the recommendations that I share with my clients to help them to change of profession or to feel more satisfied with its present position, and that also I have considered. I hope that they are to you useful and they give forces you for animarte to take that great step.

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