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32). It is thinking about the humanizador character of the pedagogia that to the beginnings of century XXI, we can see the work of pedagogo well-connected to the companies, understanding the necessity of a professional of the education in the spaces of enterprise formation, never disrespecting the education as object of transformation in all the scopes that this if to make gift of intentional form. That papers assumes pedagogo in the scope above empresarialPensando in the perspective of the chapter, which paper pedagogo comes assuming in these great companies? He would not be noentanto to provide the such I stimulate to the empreendedorismo, the competitiveness and to give to more value the value more? These affirmations are ece of fishes considering that the formations inside of the companies, in its majority, have the character to promote to the professional an ability more want in the scope of its function in the company, want in the direction to develop the group work, but in all these, are understood that how much better abilities will be developed, better is the professional and capable to remain in the company and to ascend vertically in the institucional hierarchy. (.)To think about pedagogo inside of the companies is to think about the investment in the organizacional structure in order to gain market and competitiveness. (…) The pedagogia prepares the professional to act in the formation of the knowledge. (TOWERS; IT HISSES 2009,372) Ribeiro (2007, P. 33) standes out the relevance of the development and the exercise of the abilities in the organizations, therefore ' ' the capacity is mentioned to it to adjust/to transform knowledge and tecnologias' '. The pedagogical work as Libaneo apud Ribeiro (2007) has as bedding the development of methods and actions that result in the success of the process or diverse areas. In the field of the extra-pertaining to school action the pedagogos if distinguish as formadores, instructors, organizadores, technician and consultants, developing not pertaining to school activities in public and private and public agencies did not estataisNesse sensible which have been performance of pedagogo in the enterprise system contemporary? Ribeiro (2007) answers with three hypotheses, first to play work technician of learning and relations human beings that integrates the collaborated ones to the organizacional culture, according to organizacional consultant to direct ordenadamente a work that takes care of to the necessities of development and growth of the employees and for consequence of the company and in third place, is the company a space of learning to the formandos of the pedagogia course.

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