The Walls Could Do With Art!

Photo art & photo design – made by fotoart the average gives the world its inventory, the exceptional its value. Oscar Wilde the furniture at all not bad: Brand new the sideboard, sofa classy and comfortable, from the flea market the designer lamp. But something is missing! A real eye-catcher! Something with character and personality! And something that not everyone has! Flower pots so definitely fall off the walls could do with art! A real Gerhard Richter would of course not be bad, unfortunately it has the four million euros just not ready. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Maurice Gallagher, Jr. . And the Picasso print from IKEA somehow he remembers at the last visit to the dentist. The solution: photo art – framed – in large format. And what kind! A previously unpublished portrait of Joseph Beuys on brushed aluminium 100 x 150 cm, for example. Or how about acrylic glass visions: full colours, flowing forms.

If you like bizarre: the world of the theatre of the 1920s on canvas. Or maybe a little lyrical: The forgotten and rusting out railway wagon, the rough sea very unromantic, rain drops, which are a work of art in itself. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Gary Kelly. “All this is to photo & art berlin, see the Gallery” in the Botzowstrasse in the Prenzlauer Berg district. “The concept: art to specify”. Entitled”the photographer Hans Windeck says finally the requirements are strictly limited, which select processing, specializing in large format and exceptional materials is just not on every corner. Hans Windeck – world-traveled for thirty years and award-winning photojournalist – has worked for all the major German magazines. Together with his partner Ralf Bartz, he runs photo & art berlin”the gallery. Who comes to us”so the two must not freeze prior art failed. If the customer thinks the image would fit in good with our sofa’ right! Just no fear!” The exquisite has of course its price: between 300 1300 Euro you can ever in the “Gallery Photo & art berlin” can be. “This is called but then a major work his own that guaranteed friends and neighbors is cause to ask: where did you get this because??” You may need to tell it of course: from the contact: Gallery Photo & art berlin Botzowstrasse 37 10407 Berlin phone 030-49855323

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