The Vacancy

Moreover, often the SC dependence fee and wages is reversed. Indeed, the higher the salary offered, the more attractive the vacancy to potential candidates, the easier work agency. Logical. Agencies that provide high-quality services and ensure maximum compliance with ethical norms and obligations, invest in skills development of their staff, technical equipment and the development of effective methods. The cost of their services, of course, above the average for the market. Therefore, define for yourself the value for money, which you want to count. In addition, cost of services can not be a decent satellite below the level of profitability, ie 500-600 USD in Kiev and 300-400 USD in regional centers. According to business gurus G.

Beckwith, the service sector price is often the first indicator for the consumer, speaking on high quality. However, the lack of work and a "cheap" and "expensive" agencies. Only the first often being ruined … why risk-oriented agency, offering services at low prices. Rather, these agencies spend only a superficial selection on its face, work and mass-production method did not meet with the candidates, doing just sending a resume. The client must realize that the really successful search candidates and conduct in-depth interview requires time-consuming and highly professional recruiters, maintenance and updating of a structured database, analytical work, as well as permanent training of the spacecraft requires considerable resources. It is encouraging that every year an increasing number of employers and adequately evaluating the services of spacecraft. The survey showed that for the most reasonable fee was in SC $ 1 – 1.5 monthly earnings of the required specialist.

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