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It puts the bags within the cardboard package. The bags that are not protected can break and are difficult to accommodate. The flexible envelopes can be used to congeal vegetables, meats, fish and chicken. It can use paper aluminum and laminated paper special to congeal. If it uses a plastic transparency it is better it puts than it within a rigid package so that it is not broken.

The packages of the cheese cottage, the ice cream, milk, butter or the beaten cream are not hermetic and they do not maintain the quality of foods, unless a stock market or a plastic envelope is had with. It surrounds the meat and the fresh chicken that come surrounded from the supermarket with a plastic specifically made to congeal. It labels the packages with the name and the date. How to accommodate foods in the freezer It cools foods and the syrup before packaging. It congeals immediately empacados foods to -18 C degrees or less. It does not overload the freezer with foods noncongealed.

It puts only the amounts that will be congealed in 24 hours of 1 to 1.5 kg of foods by decimeter normally squared of space in the freezer. It puts the rest of the packages in the refrigerator it can put until them in the freezer. If full too much the freezer, the freezing will be more slow, which will cause that the foods lose quality. In order to accelerate the freezing it puts the packages near the plates or of the ring of freezing leaving space between the packages so that the air circulates freely. Once the foods completely are congealed, acomdelos in such a way that it consumes the first congealed foods that have been more time. Time of storage the congealed foods undergo slow changes while they are stored and they do not maintain his quality indefinitely. The time that the congealed foods maintain their quality depends on: The manipulation adapted before congealing them? The used packing? The temperature of storage, and? The type of stored food. It defrosts foods appropriately, preferably in the refrigerator and consumes immediately after them to have defrosted. As the bacteria do not die when being congealed, they are reactivated as soon as the foods defrost. If the congealed food is not consumed as soon as it defrosts, the nutritious value of the food is lost and it is possible to be thrown to lose or to contaminate.

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