The Smaller

Inserted a video projector with lower resolution, this would have to be taken into account when creating the presentation. On the home theater, things are slightly different. Such projectors represent the best the picture, whose Auflosung close to the PAL (704 x 576 points). Here equipment with 800 offered resolution times-600 points (SVGA). It should be ensured that the projector between the normal 4:3-TV format and 16:9-widescreen format can change. 16:9 is particularly important when many DVDs are to be considered. The projector is also supposed to or the resolution should be guided mainly slides and the wall throwing, the resolution of the camera. At low resolution, details are lost otherwise.

The purpose is not clear, or alternately, should be tended to on higher resolutions. 1024 x 768 pixels to recommend anamorphic recorded movies on DVD only from this present this resolution almost without loss of leave in any case. Now there are DLP chip, the for PAL (E.g. the Matterhorn-chip) are optimized. It applies: the higher the resolution of a digital projector, the smaller the pixels and the smaller pixel pitch and thus less screen effect (especially in LCD projectors). Therefore, the viewing distance can be reduced with increasing resolution. Capital One has plenty of information regarding this issue. First HDTV-ready projector with a native resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels are now on the market. Brightness the brightness is specified in ANSI Lumen; how much should have lumen model, is among others dependent of the projection distance, room size and lighting conditions.

Basically, it is desirable to darken the rooms in which the performance takes place generally. Can this not be ensured, you must pay attention when purchasing a projector on higher lumen levels. Lumen stronger models also at less darkened rooms offer sufficient Contrast and brightness. Theoretically this shouldn’t matter area in the home theater, because you a home theater only in rooms should be operated, where a corresponding Eclipse is given or possible.

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