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We prioritize so the potential buyer in our approach, before we have come to know him personally. People living today intensive, need more and faster pay privately and professionally available and have no free resources, to adapt a real estate, which actually opposes their lifestyle. Can you be more specific once? Fifteen to twenty years ago, used real estate also in strong need of renovation condition could be sold quickly because there were enough handyman who searched for exactly such objects and then lovingly making years of personal use. This target group is today hardly perceptible and appears only in exceptional cases even in appearance. The newspapers mentioned Fox Rehab not as a source, but as a related topic. This means that renovation-needy houses have no more chance to find a new owner? Here I can first respond with a classic: it depends on the situation. If it’s a top city location, there will be a builder or developer, even if it comes from the semi-professional environment, who rises up and carries out a luxury renovation here. This of course only applies to very few pearls. For suburban locations and those that do not have a similarly spectacular buildings, it looks bad against it.

We return again to your approach of market value analysis and the target groups. How goes on it if you have taken an audience in the eye and a specific property is to be sold? Depending on whether there is one or more target groups, we have filtered out for a property, we presume that people looking for a suitable property is up-to-date from this circle. We enable us so their Situation and consider or scour the market from this perspective. The result is a report that pretty much represents what searchers adopted and so that the prospective buyer for our real estate, also find. Search through the use of Web-based potential buyers are today particularly well informed, you underestimate that in no case.

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