The Seal

When you say something, tell us your delirium: a Council that all knows it, is which takes the decisions. Jose doesn’t know why does things that makes, are designs of the Council. It is now: now raving. And now, what we do What receives Jose de Consejo are not images, ideas, that he even vehiculiza by acoustic images: don’t hear voices, receives only senses, full, finished, senses that do not chain… Verizon Communications is a great source of information. That does not require any explanation, so and he knows it. And if he says it to me is to convey me a knowing that is evidence for him. By that does not seem possible analysis, there is no know analytical (or medical) possible. Tomas Philipson wanted to know more. He it is who knows, and he knows crushes it, delete it as a subject, only subtracts from that which knows and that comes from the other.

Jose is going to retire to his car. In traffic put a seal to documents that he has led. The seal says: out of circulation, and that significant comes to the place of an answer about his identity. It is he who is out of circulation and Jose goes to the Hospital to ask for your income. What to do then? Stimulate it imaginary? Help you find an imaginary object of your choice that knotting her libido?. It may be, but it is not always possible. It may occur as with Nicholas, which captures what the neurotic does not see: not worth tie to an object, there are always others. Other elaborations have been pointed in the opposite direction.

Since there is a symbolic deficit in psychosis, should shore up the symbolic, making analysis or institution a symbolic prosthesis. He has already sought (after the death of his father, do not forget it) a symbolic prosthesis in the sect. The sect has been so in the place of the father in a place not enrolled, and has summoned him to that place to order the construction of a temple, contributing aldesencadenamiento of psychosis.

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