The Road

And finally, the social needs – to impose socium idea as to "how to behave decently to law-abiding citizen to slip on life between wallet and a prison. Thus, three layers of needs, some of the concepts of "necessary", "adequate", "perfect." Kreks! PAX! And, pardon the expression – in the movie! How many of you say you have money? Fifteen thousand? Decompose them into three piles. In the first pile put as much money as you need to buy the inferior car capable of, without having to die on the road to take you from a suburb where you live, to white (or gray), a large house, where you work. Let's say, three thousand dollars: three nice pachechki a thousand each. The rest is, in principle, could be "to give children", but you do not want to put a car in the parking lot close to higher-quality cars Ivanov and Malkin, who work with you in the same office? And rightly so! What do you worse than them? Therefore, the second pile put so cute gray-greens packs as you need, so that sum with the first (not the mighty handful!) they made the price of the car that matches your real wealth, social position, perceptions of safety and comfort. Suppose, in the second bunch will take their dignity place eight thousand.

Now the fun part. Now we'll set point over the "E" in our impromptu psychoanalysis value. But do not forget: every psychoanalysis – is juggling three balls in the answer to any question, and not two.

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