The Road

But intermittent braking – very simple, and people are not too experienced better for them and confine. On the line if the brakes do not have to, no problems arise even in winter. Is that rear-wheel drive car can be a little light from side to side, and it tells the driver that not all is now well on the road. A peredneprivodnik and this warning deprived – until he decides to any maneuver, the car will go smoothly. Twist – the main problem after the winter brake. Rotate the winter – the main problem, if you're not a famous athlete. Winter is for athletes only joy.

Skid for them – familiar and useful phenomenon, but his work on the ice a lot easier, because the speed to achieve the desired effect is needed much less. For the ordinary citizen – on the contrary. In winter, every driver must strive not to be reluctant athlete. To do this in advance to slow down and move to a lower gear so that the arc to go smoothly, without braking, with a little gas. If you arrived at a turn too fast, the car just stops it fit. The type of drive is completely independent – any car in this case brings out, accompanied by a disagreeable creaking wheels. That creaking inexperienced drivers usually understand that not everything is smooth. When machine does not want to turn, a natural reaction – tighten the wheel stronger. It turns out even worse: the front wheels in such a situation even more difficult to regain traction.

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