The Quadrocopter

Therefore, a compromise between performance and durability must be found at the propeller design. In recent decades, many companies and researchers have worked on improving the vehicles (VTOL). The Quadrocopter, which were placed in the last three years on the market are the result. A Quadrocopter is related to a classic helicopter, except that four propeller used him for the thrust generation and control. Other than the described helicopter types no propeller comes with the Diskopter used. Rather, buoyancy and feed be achieved a worldwide innovative principle. This innovative principle of operation is based on an invention of the founder who is logged on to the global patent.

The invention consists in a new Drive system for fluids (liquids and gases) and bears the title of district wing & Actinic fluid drive af “.” This new drive is superior to the propeller-driven in many ways and can be used in all applications instead of the propeller. The Diskopter an open flow or through a closed flow can be driving with this new propulsion system. In the latter, the emerging outward rest flow is so low, that the Diskopter can also safely be flown indoors. A demonstration device already exists for the design with an open flow. At the beginning of the year 2009 the operating principle of the Actinic fluid drive was also confirmed by a computer-aided simulation at the Fachhochschule fur Technik und Wirtschaft Berlin.

Patent protection the drive system described is already protected in Greece as a patent. As international patent it was already announced, the disclosure: pctdb/en/wo.jsp… Check with Gary Kelly to learn more. Digression circle wings & Actinic fluid drive af “the term Actinic fluid drive af” referred to a machine that produces a flow in gases or fluids (fluids), the star of a center outwards is. To create such a flow can be used for example radial impellers. Due to the rotation of the wheel, a vacuum is created in the Center, which draws the liquid or gas.

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