The Public

The companies vendem since objects the customs (behaviors) that quickly they are changed by new offers. Passing of the condition of consumer for survival necessity the humanity soon she assumes its consumista potential and with this she makes the industries more to profit each time on the desire of wanting ‘ ‘ ser’ ‘ more and ‘ ‘ ser’ ‘ in the consumista society he is ‘ ‘ ter’ ‘. ‘ ‘ … In a society of consumers, everybody needs to be, must be and has that to be a consumer for vocation (that is, to see and to treat the consumption as vocation). In this society, the seen and treated consumption as vocation is at the same time a right one to have human universal that does not know exceo.’ ‘ (BAUMAN. 2008, p.73) the vocation of the human being in consuming favored the industry in transforming consumer into consumista and only this.

For the industry cultural indemnity does not exist, exists consumistas that also are merchandises for needing to work more to buy more, and with this its culture if it transforms into what the law of offers fold as certain, as good and as cultural identity. The culture human being if acultura for the consumerism that becomes the human beings you scheme to buy objects that are more than simple objects, are supplying of social condition and of I privilege inside of few of a society of many. ‘ ‘ The consumista culture is marked by a constant pressure so that let us be somebody more. The consumption markets if concentrate in the immediate depreciation of its old offers, similar to clean the area of the public demand so that to new they fill it offers. They produce the insatisfao with the acquired identity and the set of necessity for which if it defines this identity. To move of identity, to discard the past and to look new starts, fighting to renascer – everything this is stimulated by this culture as a disfarado duty of privilegio.

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