The Property Market In Montenegro

Montenegro – a magnificent seaside country, where about 700 thousand Montenegrins. After the recognition of Montenegro's independence, the government found it necessary to develop the state as a place of tourism and recreation, and to the present moment, just 15 years, Montenegro became a famous resort for tourists from all over the world. Montenegro is a UNESCO reserve, boasts stunning natural beauty, and the acquisition of Balkan real estate gems is very attractive for investment. Montenegro boasts an incredibly clean beaches, and for every taste – there are pebbles and sand. Rest in this country is incredibly popular with lovers of diving, and for some time now Montenegro became a tourist attraction and a place for lovers of skiing and snowboarding. Amazing lakes, beautiful mountains, clean sea, wonderful climate – it's not all than the much fall in love with a tourist Montenegro.

Until recently, few could have foreseen that the prices of houses and apartments in Montenegro will be raised with a similar dynamic. Less than 10 years, the cost of most homes and apartments increased by hundreds of percent, so that the most educated investors were able to get impressive gains made on investments. Today, after the reduction of global income, prices slightly average, but even in Currently, there is the possibility of investing money with a view to resale of land and real estate in Montenegro. Most buyers today are studying real estate prices Montenegro not to desire the contribution of money, but for purchase housing on the coast. Most of the maritime cities of Montenegro to the present moment are considered fashionable resorts and fully comply with demanding European taste. The most visited places, and expensive on the Balkan Peninsula are Budva, Bar, Petrovac, Ulcinj. Here prefer to buy residential and commercial property buyers from the Europeans and Russians.

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