The Price

Average price eksponentskogo contribution to the exhibition – 2000 rubles. This also must be added the cost of at each exhibition, the price of the exhibition tents, travel, meals at trade shows. In most feline systems for high titles, the animal should go to traveling exhibitions in other cities and countries. You understand that any such trip with travel and accommodation costs to the owner in a very a significant amount of money. Thus, the higher the title, the more expensive breeder cost of breeding animals. And for that cat to get used to the exhibitions, they have to stand still a child.

Summarizing all above, we can confidently say that the kittens in the nursery will never be cheaper than 200 euros, even if the kitten is the very embodiment of or already old and neutered long ago. Now talk about why, in the same kennel Kittens can have such different prices. The fact that the quality of pedigree kitten is determined not by what he is playful and cute, and quite specific breed standard, and the cost of animal show quality will be considerable. A big role in pricing, as you already understood, played and bloodlines parents, and color kitten. Kitten’s good quality, but the prevalence of color, of course, be cost is much cheaper. But in any case, buy a quality elite animals for 10000 rubles impossible! Along with the animals show class, there are animals brides class .- this breed kittens with disabilities (not to be confused with plem.brakom and patients) that might be interesting for further breeding work. But this only applies to cats, not cats. Males can only be either show or PET-class.

In all, even in the most elite and popular cattery, kittens can be born, are subject to culling. Simple layman does not know the breed standard, is not always clear why this animal is culled. But any conscientious breeder knows that the animal show class – it’s only the best of breed! Those kittens that are discarded are not allowed to breed, and are subject to mandatory neutering (sterilization). Here they are, then get in home to people who do not want to engage in breeding work, and called the kitten on a pillow. This is the most pet-class, or pets, the price of which would have been significantly different from the price of the previous two kittens classes. But the kitten pet-class good breeder will never sell for a pittance in an unsecured home, realizing that his kid out there can not adequately contain! Thus we found that: The price of the kittens is the cost of purchase manufacturers, the cost of their cultivation and exhibition career, and the cost of growing kittens and their quality of veterinary services at the cost of the kitten class affects kittens (SHOW brides, PET), the rarity of its color, and of course, the bloodlines – kittens from imported manufacturers are always more expensive than kittens of the same color and quality, but older domestic manufacturers. In one litter of kittens may be different, and it’s not that someone from them ill, or ill-mannered, but in perspective a kitten for breeding and exhibition. And I think it useful to recall that, choosing a pet today, you will live with him in the same house the next quarter century!

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