The Peninsular Northwest

I’ve always said that Salamanca is road to nowhere. He is not a derogatory allusion, but a simple geographical check: people come because Yes or no comes. Why, if we got together many that we are at the end of the path, we will end up being obliged destination of the road. That is the meaning of the megalopolis will form Castile and Leon, Galicia and the North of Portugal. Interestingly, less homogeneous in that conglomerate’s 9.2 million inhabitants more than many countries in Europe are the Castilian and Leonese. For example: what they have to do with Salamanca Burgos, closer to the Basque country or Cantabria that to us? If you press me, we share more history, more culture and more interests with Viseu or Caceres than with our own region North. But what they want to say: those who have certain age remember geographic patches that had to be done during the transition to invent a few autonomous communities that so justify the differential fact of Euskadi and Catalonia, where actually was the mother of the lamb.

In the case that concerns us now, our union with Galicia and the North of Portugal gives us a strength of market and structures which each of its members should not have separately. It will allow, so tell us, submit joint projects to the EU that European funds of cohesion which we would not otherwise obtain. The modest five areas of joint promotion culture, University, environment, employment and automotive show well clearly the shortcomings and the economic weakness of the new megalopolis. Another evidence is the need for more and better communications with Portugal, from the tourist, as the old train of La Fregeneda from La Fuente de San Esteban, to the functional, as the postponed TAV between Salamanca and Aveiro. But with the crisis, of course, projects become forgotten drawer. The only consolation for the blissful crisis, however, is that it forces us to be more imaginative and bold: the new megalopolis is running the best possible in this example.

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