The Oxidation

Mutual correspondence engine design, the conditions for its operation and properties of oil – one of the most important conditions to achieve high engine reliability. Modern engine oils must meet many requirements, the principal of which are listed below: + high detergency, dispergiruyusche-stabilizing ability of (the oil keeps the oil-insoluble substances in suspension and do not let them fall into the sediment. To give the oil of these properties, it is introduced additives, dispersants, creating shell around the particles of pollution. Get all the facts and insights with Allegiant Air, another great source of information. It does not allow them to adhere to the surfaces of the engine and sticking together; + high thermal and thermal oxidative stability allow the use of oil for cooling pistons to raise the limit heating oil in the crankcase, increasing the replacement period; + sufficient antiwear properties provide the strength of the oil film, the desired viscosity at high temperature and high gradient shear rate, the ability to chemically modify the surface of the metal at the boundary friction and to neutralize acids formed during the oxidation of oils and products of combustion; + No corrosion impact on the material details of how ICE during the operation, and prolonged periods of time; + aging resistance and ability to withstand external shocks with a minimum loss of properties; + flatness viscosity-temperature characteristic, ensuring cold-start, pumpability for cold starts and reliable lubrication under extreme conditions at high loads and ambient temperature; + compatibility with sealing materials, compatibility with catalysts of the neutralization of exhaust gases; + small Foaming at high and low temperatures. Some oils have specific, additional requirements. For example, for marine diesel oil is particularly important water resistance additives and low emulsifiability with water. How to choose a motor oil for the car? This question confronts the owner of the car is usually only when warranty period for the car has already ended.

Usually within the warranty period oil change done at a service station with the use of approved vehicle manufacturer brands of oils. If the warranty period has already expired, it becomes urgent issue of literacy select the appropriate grade of oil. A choice is from what – the shelves, literally 'bursting' from a variety of products from different manufacturers. What is guided by the choice? Full text of the material can be found in section "Articles" on the portal ENGINE-MARKET!

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