The Original Of The Cult Hits

The man with the Super gun fans also the populars with his voice. New Cologne is again what is going on. The season has not even started and Petty Behlinda has to do it all Hand full. The party mood is on March 4th and 5th at the Hermanstarsse corner Okerstrasse to the new Cologne event of the month. Motto: “If teen dreams” this is no hanger, but a journey into the past.

To the roots of your own youth or of your parents. Start at time 21:00. The experience catering to the seventh heaven promises a great soundscape with ample supply. On Saturday the show with a raffle will be enriched, there are many prizes to be won. The entrance is of course free to start the season! Discover the new voice of the cult pop hits from the last few decades.

Schlager – and German rock friends get their money. Call the Highlits of past successes in memory. Old stars who can no longer care for their fans, are in good hands with Petty Behlinda. It must be sung. With over 30 various artists in the live range and close to the original, petty presents a journey through the German charts and unforgettable works. In the last year was Petty Behlinda of one of the most popular entertainers in the original pop scene in Berlin. It be done with techno beats Malletauglich today many hits, but what once made these songs, is severely lacking. Petty Behlinda has closed this neglected audience in his heart. No wonder, because, he is the biggest fan of the hit itself. Be prepared to be surprised his performance. Know he is an entertainer with cult status in any case! Thomas-Tomczak

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