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Nevertheless, I would a start-up only recommend, where to assume a more promising demand for house sitting services on the one hand and on the other hand have little or none were already established agencies are. I am thinking especially in the Berlin area, the area of Leipzig-Dresden, but the area Stuttgart-Freiburg. In which district should House sitting agencies operate? How affect the competition in the local service industry? Detten: We have a very high responsibility which can be compensated not just with high insurance premiums to our customers. I mean, that always so that can be expected is that the House keeper is ill and very short notice must be replaced during the operations or an emergency in the or occurs at the House, where the best House keeper would be alone too much and requires urgent immediate assistance through the Agency. “This can only be ensured if the betting takes place so that that agency management or the regional dealer maximum one or two hours on the spot” can be.

But it needs to pass nothing at all, a responsible working agency has the duty to their customers to check their staff on the consistent compliance with agreed tasks and attendance times not only over the phone, but also by presence. In consequence, this means that the agency or its representative within a radius of 150 up to 250 miles from their agency’s seat should be active. Unfortunately, there are agencies that completely disregard this principle, pretend a supra-regional presence nationwide with rented phone numbers or over the Internet and over 600 km away from the seat of the Agency take over operations. Is at least questionable, this action already to the customers so it hurt of course the agencies on the ground”, which honestly present themselves with local agency headquarters and local phone number and much better come into question due to its proximity to these bets.

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