The Maximum

There is no doubt that the assessment carried out by the society of the professions is reflected in salary levels of these. 2 .- Number of students per course: Most schools tend to keep the maximum of students per course which allows law so as to obtain maximum profits. With 45 students in a classroom is impossible to develop an efficient job teaching. Baby clothes will undoubtedly add to your understanding. In 90 minutes of class dedication that the teacher can give each of their students is very low, about two minutes per student, which clearly shows that you can not get to meet the multiple needs presented by our students. Many of these needs and wants are related to the time they stay alone at home, with alcoholism drug abuse, absent parents, etc.. Problems faced by the teacher to a stage for what is not ready, but must confront and overcome in the best way possible to get consistent results than expected. In a question-answer forum Eric Kuby was the first to reply.

The solution is not to reduce progressively the number of students per course as some presidential candidates have hinted of a year, that amount is not sufficient to produce noticeable changes in the development and results of teaching practices. All developed countries and not as Cuba has developed as a quantity of 20 to 25 students maximum per course, that explains much of the good academic results they have. The cultural burden of our students is very large, the problems that live with them is a heavy taxation to which the youth must take and survive in this substrate is that the teacher should work.

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