The Marketing Of Tomorrow: The Internet Replaced The TV Living Room

Experts in marketing, sales and IT discuss the future of the marketing of new technologies and the customer’s growing capacity for dialogue will be key drivers for future marketing campaigns. To this result the invited experts in marketing, sales and information technology, who came last week to Friedrichshafen, were killed in the slashTalk 2012-themed sales & marketing 3.0 “to discuss the future of marketing. The slashTalk is an event which was already performed for the second time by doubleSlash NET Business GmbH. Stimulated by high-profile impulse lectures the personal exchanges between the participants in the Center is this expert dialogue. Managing Director of Andreas Strobel welcomed the invited participants and explained that the customer projects by doubleSlash increasingly looming, through the increasing digitization and increased consumption of social media new ways must adopt the future marketing, effective to the desired target groups to address and reach. Franziska von Lewinski, Managing Director of at Interone GmbH in Hamburg, confirmed the modified user behaviour on the basis of television: today the TV running always more frequently just yet by the way, while you surf on the Internet, commented on Facebook or on the phone with your best friend.

The challenge for future marketing is now”the intelligent combination of different communication channels, said von Lewinski. That the mix of TV and social media works, recently showed the scene community. Here the scene creator allow at the same time to find the killer of a telecast by using Twitter, Facebook and co. viewers at home. The task of marketing is more complex because different communication paths parallel must operate, to create the necessary degree of attention and to achieve an emotional link of film, advertising and offer. It is evident that the consumer or spectator in the marketing is involved, because he is the one who recommends increasingly products and shipments, and this decisive influence the success or failure of a campaign.

The customer is King, that will be even more the case in the future. “Bestselling author Dr. Silvia Danne confirms this trend: happy customers are the best sellers.” The client itself will be more and more the focus of future marketing activities: he recommends, interacts with the manufacturer, and is involved in direct or indirect ways of product development and quality assurance. Above all, the variety of topics, the possibility of personal exchange among experts and the combination of bar camp, think tank and classic Conference enthusiastic the participating guests including BMW, Festo, Siemens, Telekom and Deutsche Post. In the next year, the doubleSlash NET Business GmbH for the third time with the successful format of slashTalk marketing experts will invite to Friedrichshafen. Almost naturally, you will find information about this event in the Internet under: About doubleSlash that net business GmbH is doubleSlash specializing in project business and product development in the field of enterprise software for the areas of marketing, sales and service. The company offers professional and technological consulting, design and development of more efficient Software.doubleSlash was founded in 1999 and today over 100 employees with an annual turnover of EUR 8.5 million. Customers are international companies such as BMW AG, HUGO BOSS AG, Deutsche Post AG and Deutsche Telekom AG. Contact: doubleSlash NET Business GmbH Nina Dziewas Marketing Manager Otto-Lilienthal-str. 2 88046 Friedrichshafen Tel.: + 49 7541 70078-0 fax: + 49 7541 70078-111

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