The Market

To be in the vanguard is a great differential in a competitive market, however it is necessary to remember that this requires investments, what for many is considered cost. For others, clearly, it is it are of reach. To copy is more easy and fast of what to create, is more cheap also, however has a strategical aspect, few times observed: the knowledge on the product that arrives in the market for creation, already is obsolete for the creator. It notices that, it does not matter if you are constructing a house or elaborating a text, rightnesss, errors and reflections they lead its learning. It has the development of concepts, the spreading of information and the register of data, allowing the management of the knowledge, aspect of which the copista is not benefited in its totality. It remembers the word engineering? Then, it, in its amplitude, is science that it deals with the acquisition and application of scientific knowledge and technician in the creation and materialization of utilities. It perceives that it did not only say information use, therefore management of the knowledge goes beyond, surpasses borders. Company with this vocation is innovative and its movements are waited by the followers. Following companies are for many reasons: Lack of resources; Lack of talentos; Lack of vocation; Comodismo; Etc. Some followers, moving the culture, could exercise talentos and vocations, but they had copied in such a way and for as much time, that they do not give account that its limitations do not inhabit in the information lack and yes in the deficient accumulation of knowledge. With this, they continue copying, and they do not perceive that product in the market is knowledge that already became obsolete!

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