The Market

The couple went down of the car both many aflitos, nervous Luisa speaks: — We have that to take this child for an soon-aid, it can die, there my god, what we go to make? — I do not know, now we are ralados! In this instant Eduarda Maria it runs stops close to the brother, Luisa adored the boy, then it had the idea to take it, terrified Humberto spoke: — Pirou, you this scaring me with this idea insane person! Without second thought, therefore they could not have children, grasped the boy it placed and it in the car, Eduarda Maria cries out: — For where they are taking my brother, I go to bind for policy. Luisa answered: — We are taking its brother for the hospital, it binds pra its mother and it informs, it looks at we promise to take care of of it heard dear! Quickly the girl was to bind for its parents, Eullia fainted ahead of the box of the market. Edmilson obtained to wake up it and without finishing the purchases urgently they had been for house. In the hospital the boy was taken direct for the doctors, who later had soon informed that the boy had few wounds, but something was not well. After that later all the examinations to be facts, were evidenced that the boy lost great part of the memory, Luisa adored, therefore it has everything to its favor.

Eullia and Edmilson call the policy, and start to make searches to the hospitals of the city, already they were many aflitos. Eullia was until a radio of the city to make one appeals, for Bruno it comoveu to all demonstrating in each word its immense pain. — Please, if somebody will have some information, it binds I cannot Live without my son and as if they took off a piece of me! It did not obtain to contain the emotion and cried.

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