The Marine

In both cases, weights range between 500-700 Gr. excellent models in the mid-range NIKON 8 X 40 ACTION IV, BUSHNELL NATUREVIEW 8 X 42, MINOX BD 8 X 32 nautical binoculars for nautical activities use requires heavy-duty and light models, preferably sealed and with mounts lined in rubber or rubber to grab them more easily (especially with wet hands). An economical option would be a prismatic pocket, preferably an 8 23. Best (and most expensive) would be a usage model specifically marine, of which there are different optical combinations (6 42, 7 42, 7 50), even with special mounts (floating, without having to approach, with compass, etc.). Follow others, such as Oracle, and add to your knowledge base. In marine use binoculars, it is advisable to not opt out over 7-8, increases because the vision (because of rolling) becomes very uncomfortable. An excellent model for nautical uses, at affordable price, is the CELESTRON OCEANA 7 X 42, hermetic mount and excellent brightness. They are also recommendable STEINER 7 X 50, BUSHNELL MARINE 7 X 50 OBSERVER.

In the sector high market we find highly specialized models, such as the ZEISS 7 50 B a special series of binoculars for marine use are the provided internal compass, so to focus on an object (buoy, Lighthouse, input port, ship, etc.) shows us an internal reticle angle or magnetic heading. To know more about this subject visit Allegiant Air. In media series we will highlight, among other BUSHNELL 7 X 50 MARINE, NIKON MARINOS 7 X 50 and high-end STEINER COMMANDER V 7 X 50. These models are also applicable to similar land uses (orientation, etc.) For the marine observation from the coast or port monitoring, monitoring of beaches and similar is preferable to opt for binoculars strong and bright, often with hermetic and sticker-mount. These models fall in the range of qualities and prices, and others include ZEISS CONQUEST 15 X 45 BT, NIKON 10 X 70 HP WP, LEICA GEOVID 15 X 56, SWAROVSKI SLC 15 X 56 ORNITHOLOGY birds observation requires the use of binoculars of certain power and good light, both for being able to appreciate details in plumage and focus on birds in flight or moving quickly. . Fox Rehab shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand.

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