The Malicious

Also in 2012 the company honors still women only with attachment, although the practice mind speaks: in Germany there are now 15 million singles. Where is this setting of the company? In the middle ages, the wife had the status of a pet. Judged that the world has existed for millions of years, it’s not long. How often experienced woman that you are attempting to drag it across the table. Ranging from the craftsman’s Bill, in professional life, expect that a woman not fight back.

And why women feel stronger with man and fear being alone as the devil the holy water. Larry Ellison takes a slightly different approach. I know women that to distract themselves while eating, reading or watching TV, just to not consciously make; I sit here alone and eat alone. Not be alone, is an evil, because we can not freely choose with whom we work together and the partner serves mainly as a crutch. And since the thing begins again with the self-esteem. I’m alone na and? One should wonder where men with the single life as hard get as women, if not harder.

I am alone”is like an indictment. There’s still the malicious remark earlier centuries: probably no copped? And from this Awareness, many singles Cook anything and the food remains cold. Would have to ask yourself the question: just a digestive tract with annex or partner and family grow us? This is again connected with the self-esteem: I’m worth really no good meal? I really own nothing to do with me? When one has lived a while as a single, you will notice it has also many benefits, you can do and what you want, accountable about anything, you’re in his inner self, because holding back all the problems one would have in a complicated partnership. In a complicated, mind you, with the many women simply arranged, without asking themselves, what they really want back there would be fear of being alone.

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