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' ' In the Ocidente, until the Average Age little it was said in? theology. Theology under the agostiniano name of Doctrine becomes sagrada' ' . For Saint Augustin (354-431) other Christian thinkers of its time, the theology did not occupy all of the body of the Christian doctrine, but only of? Doctrine of God? . At this time? Doctrine of God? she was one disciplines specific that it studied? To be of God? in the same way that today, for example? eclesiologia, studies so only on an only subject, namely, the Church. It is in the scholastic that the term theology starts to be used to mention itself not only to the study of? To be of God? , but of this time ' ' all the body of the doctrine crist' '. This change possibly has a relation with the development of the first universities that had appeared in the Europe for return of centuries XI and XIII. Thus, Alister McGrath makes the following comment: ' ' Although initially the term? theology? it meant? doctrine of God? , the term acquired a new direction subtle, in centuries XI and XIII, to the measure that the University of Paris started if to develop. It was necessary to find assignment for the systematic study of university level, directed to the Christian faith.

The Latin expression theologia, under influences of parisienses writers as Peter Abelardo and woollen Gilbert Porree, started to mean? he disciplines it of sacred science? that it enclosed the totality of the Christian doctrine, and not only the doctrine of Deus' ' (MCGRATH, 2005. p.176). Although Peter Abelardo (1079-1142) has used the term theology to mention to the study ' ' scientific of f' ' , thus enclosing the totality of the Christian doctrine, Toms de Aquino (1225-1274) preferred to use the term ' ' Sagrada&#039 doctrine; ' in place of the term theology.

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