The Last

It imagined that: – All could be had what they would have? But in all having what they would have, somebody it would leave to have what it would desire, and this would be conflict reason. – How somebody can at the same time have what it needs to the side, still knows of this and thus, to look, to desire and to search something more, running the risk not to have nothing? thus, the Dr. Tomas personage of first history, history adopted which me left, me to penetrate in its time, where I absorbed its necessities, a man who could have everything, did not want to have all, therefore all he seemed it how one was in an arrest, where it seemed obligation and a penance, saw in love cases a way to complete itself and to run away from its destination to be to the side of its? you are muss sein? , as well as it heard when young, in the German expression: You are muss sein is an expression in German whom it means: It has that to be. It is also the reason of the last movement of last quarteto of ropes of Beethoven. All the history of it You are muss sein started of a well prosaica form: a man had money the Beethoven, that, pobrssimo, was there to charge. the man, another poor person, begged the Beethoven ' ' It has that to be? ' ' Beethoven answered ' ' Yes, it has that to be! It has that to be? These words had been echoing in the head of Beethoven.

As much that it started to make a simple sonata subject with these words. It has that to be, yes, it has that to be. The development of the subject took ratio huge, and if it transformed into last quarteto of ropes of Beethoven.

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