The Kabbalah

But crude oil is proving to be one less than ideal alternative, since it has accelerated deforestation of primary forests, which are the lungs of our planet. No matter what type of carbides use, are putting at risk the environment and humanity. When we look at the origins of the present crisis of carbides, it is evident that the cause of this crisis is our constant demand for more and better everything. Oil is the primary carbide that we use in our modern lifestyle. It allows us to travel, either on aircraft, yachts or in the recreation of the family vehicle. The production of millions of items that decorate our lives facilitates them to factories. It allows us to build and heat our homes, which are increasingly larger and more luxurious. For generations, the luxuries of a generation have become the next needs.

And each generation needs more Carbide to create and maintain those needs. This trend has been sustainable thousands of years. Initially, the necessary sources to keep it seemed be unlimited. During the past century, we have become aware of the limited nature of these sources. But we could still satisfy our personal interests and our needs of carbides while we have done so at the expense of others. The war has become more and more of an acceptable means for the acquisition of oil demanded by society.

We are reaching the limit of the system. The exploitation of others no longer works. As we are seeing, this exploitation is causing ecological, economic and humanitarian crisis that we can no longer ignore. Globalization is forcing us to see the surprising truth: each and every one of us, regardless of race, religion, wealth or any sub-culture that one imagine belong, are inter-connected. If we continue focusing only on our own interests, the Scorpion will continue growing and becoming more powerful and lethal. The wisdom of the QABALAH offers us a way out of the growing misery in which we find ourselves. Us shows How can we restore the balance of various systems to adopt our interconnectedness. If we think only of ourselves, any good initiative that we design will be doomed to failure from the outset. Now is the time to give us realize that we can no longer act alone. The Kabbalah explains that humanity is similar to the human body only in scale macro. In the body, each cell receives what they need and gives everything for the maintenance of the rest of the body. There is nothing that forces him to the cell to do this, that’s simply his nature. Likewise, each person should contribute to the well-being of humanity. This can not happen by force, but by changing our nature we more concerned than others by ourselves. The Kabbalah is the method designed to achieve this transformation of our nature. Oil is a great gift, but we are using it to cause division among the people, instead of uniting us. It is clear that anything we use to cause division in time the union between people, sometime it will be unavailable. Remove the caliper to the Scorpion until it is too late.

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