The Japanese Defeat

1945 – the Japanese defeat and its effect ‘ ‘ I do not know what to make, thinking about that is about that, as it was of foot in escurido’ ‘ (Yoshio Abe. 15 of August of 1945) the situation of the Japanese immigrants consolidated here that already was tense and apreensiva during the war, seemed to take unimaginable routes at that moment. Ripple addresses the importance of the matter here. Finished the conflict in the Europe in May of 1945, everything seemed to calm itself, but in 06 of June of the same year, the Brazilian government declared war to Japan, plus a sad notice in those difficult years What it seemed impossible in the mentality of almost all the Japanese consolidated here, occurred. In day 14 of August of 1945, emperor Hiroito? idolatrado for the Japanese subjects as one it appears Divine? it came to the radio, and communicated the Japanese nation for the first time the unconditional surrender of the Empire of the Rising Sun.

It was a shock for the Japanese people and that it had terrible repercussions of the other side of the world, reaching as a ray the Japanese colony in Brazil. Incredulity. It was the first reaction that many of loyal ‘ ‘ sditos’ ‘ of the Great Japan they had felt when the notice of the defeat was divulged in periodicals, magazines and mainly ‘ ‘ mouth-the-boca’ ‘. It was divulged that in the reality the notice was false, if treating to North American propaganda. More rumors had passed to be divulged between the Japanese. In some places of the capital and the interior of the state of So Paulo, commemorations of ‘ had occurred; ‘ victory of the Japo’ ‘. Beyond the spreading of absurd notice as these, also they were distributed and vendidas photographs coarsely adulterated, illustrating ‘ ‘ vitria’ ‘. A case sufficiently known was of the photos published in the edition of 16 of September of 1945 of the periodical the Tribune of Saints, illustrating the signature of the Japanese surrender on board the North American battleship Missouri.

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